Are you looking for a well-established UK partner for your Key Action 1 youth worker mobility project? It would be rather smart to get a UK- perspective in your working groups, wouldn’t it?

Wild Cherry Training will consider all serious offers from our European colleagues who commit to a quality activities based on real need and with clear objectives in place to ensure the overall aim is reached.

SY title logo_gr backgr_textIt’s a lot of hard work gathering the right partners and writing the application – we know all too well. You don’t want to jeopardise all your effort put in to the planning stages and so, as part of our cooperation in your project, we will supply your organisation with a formidable and established international team of professional SALTO trainers in the field of non-formal education to implement it; we can evidence their success to date in designing and delivering an impressive range of activities in the field of European youth work over many years.

They are able to respond to your priority topic using their USP which is that they integrate English language learning appropriate to the content. This winning combination helps your participants to increase the capacity and potential of the participating organisations by removing communication barriers and also supporting them to realise their own personal developmental goals. We are able to create an agenda according to participants’ needs by scaffolding a relevant and worthwhile programme according to your specification.

The team helps the participants to gain clarity in a European context using learner-centred methodology, avoiding ambiguity and misconceptions based on cultural and language differences.  By creating a quality learning process which strengthens the confidence and resolve of the participants to work on a European level in their chosen topic, they create new and improved projects; a tangible, measurable outcome for all stakeholders.


SUE DUDILL, Director of Training

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