Wild Cherry Trainers in the Balkans – Macedonia 2015

The Group

Our SALTO Trainers, Sue Dudill and Tsvetina Zaharlieva,  have just returned from another successful LICK training – this time in the Balkans. 30 participants from 10 countries took part in a week of activities based on non-formal education exploring the topic of working with socially excluded young people. Ideally situated, in rurally isolated Vinica in The Republic of Macedonia, they led the group through a logically scaffolded learning journey to enable them to explore this hot topic complete with relevant language learning opportunity. Hosted by MAPP, the Macedonian Anti-Poverty Platform, the team were warmly welcomed by Goran Janevski, Sashko Javenov and Biljana Dukovska.


Wild Cherry will be submitting in Round 2 and invite our trusted partners to join us in the UK later this year in the medieval city of York in the ‘real England’. Contact us for further details and to secure your place in our next LICK training course.


LICK in Vinica, Republic of Macedonia with the Macedonian Anti-Poverty Platform

Wild Cherry trainers, Sue Dudill and Tsveti Zaharlieva, arrive in Macedonia this week to deliver a LICK training course, ‘Capacity Building For Those Working With Socially Excluded Young People’. Goran Javenski, Youth Programme Co-ordinator for MAPP, will welcome the team to Vinica and support them throughout the week as they lead the 30 participants through their learning journey. Youth workers from Bulgaria, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Georgia, Estonia, Slovakia, Turkey and Macedonia will benefit from a week of non-formal education on this hot topic, enabling them to increase their potential as they support marginalised young people in their own communities.

If your organisation would like to host a LICK training course on a topic of your choice or a contact making seminar in Erasmus+ Key Action 1, contact us now with a view to submitting an application for the next 2 deadlines: 30th April and 1st October 2015.

Great News for 2015 – LICK in Macedonia

We are delighted to receive the news that our wonderful Macedonian partner, Makedonska Platforma Protiv Siromashtij, has successfully secured funding to host a LICK training course early next year! We look forward to working with Goran Janevski on this project and cementing our partnership even more.

If you would like our help to capacity build in Erasmus+ contact us now!

The LICK in Europe Team

Wild Cherry Training & Education

LICK in Europe – Croatia here we come!

We are delighted to announce that our partner in Croatia is now looking for partners to host a LICK training course in September this year.  The LICK training team will deliver Capacity Building in Social Inclusion through Entrepreneurship and invite you to apply with your organisation.

Available downloads are below. Please send your applications to Tsvetina Zaharlieva directly as stated on the call and not to Wild Cherry. Many thanks.

CALL for Promoters – LICK – Capacity building in social inclusion through entrepreneurship and PIF for E+


LICK in Europe – Macedonia here we come!

We are delighted to announce that our partner in Macedonia is now looking for partners to host a LICK training course in October this year.  The LICK training team will deliver Capacity Building For Those Working With Socially Excluded Young People and invite you to apply with your organisation here.


Thanks HU17.net and Paul Smith

Many thanks again to Paul Smith and his exceptionally good community-based website for promoting our Youth in Action projects kindly funded by the British Council.

See the article here.

Verein für jung afrikanische und andere Diaspora are LICKing their lips it seems!

Here we have some feedback from one of our trusted partners in Germany ‘Verein für jung afrikanische und andere Diaspora’. They attended our most recent LICK training course for those working with socially excluded young people and this is what Mr. Abraham Nida in charge of international relations had to say.


Thank you so much Iwona!

This amazing lady has furnished us with some outstanding photographs this week! Visit her on FB: https://www.facebook.com/iw.naw


LICK – Capacity Building For Those Working With Socially Excluded Young People 4.3 Day 5

day 5_00001


And so the final day and the secret friends are revealed. This has to be my favourite moment of the week (among so many great ones). Here we have reached a point when (hopefully) all learning goals have been realised and there is a great feeling of satisfaction in the air, tinged with a little sadness of the impending departure of all participants.

The morning was spent looking at Erasmus+ and its possibilities along with a session dedicated to Open Space: the final chance to share with others and put one more tool in the kit before it’s time to go.

See Peter Lindback here on the photo from Sweden, we go back a long way; we had our first moment as participants in YiA on a PBA back in 2008. That resulted in me hosting a youth exchange in the UK the following year and then last year, I had the pleasure of taking a group of young people over to Lerum where he hosted a multilateral with partners from Poland and from Tsveti’s organisation in Bulgaria. It’s a small world for sure, this parallel universe we work in.

Another great LICK project ‘in the bag’. 5 in about 6 months  actually, and what an amazing time Tsveti and I have had; so memorable, so inspirational – meeting all the participants over this time. Who knows what the rest of 2014 will bring but what I do know is that when I met her on the ToT in 2011 and she insisted I be in the same training practice project group, it was absolutely the best decision I ever made. Thanks my dear Bulgarian sister, you are amazing :-)))

LICK – Capacity Building For Those Working With Socially Excluded Young People 4.3 Day 4

In the new Erasmus+ programme, cross sectoral working will feature highly and so we seized this opportunity to turn our attention to all stakeholders in European youth projects – how to involve, and crucially satisfy everyone, from the police to the priest AND the participants.  We reflected on our USPs in terms of existing skills and looked at how to increase our potential in the future by trading those skills and sharing with others to maximise outcomes.

The mission results were presented and discussed and then the Word Food Cafe resumed to explore the reasons for social exclusion and the impact on the community. We also hotly debated the barriers organisations face in their attempt to try and combat the marginalisation of vulnerable young people and looked at some realisable solutions.