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If you’d like to host an international youth project in Erasmus+/Youth in Action and would welcome the cooperation of an experienced and reliable team of experts, we can help you from initial concept through to delivery and final evaluation. Or maybe you are new to international youth work and don’t know where to start; we can guide you through the process and help you to learn, empowering and enabling you to remain in the driving seat throughout.

How the LICK team can assist you and your organisation

• We can help you to raise your local, national and international profile
• We can provide you with support in Erasmus+ and guide you through the application process
• We can give you access to trusted European networks
• We can supply you with experienced SALTO TOY trainers

What is the LICK concept?
LICK – Language Integrated Content Kits are international mobility projects based on non-formal education which are aimed at those supporting young people in the community. Our USP is that we explore a hot topic along with appropriate lexis in the English language.

Why has LICK been so successful?
It’s simple and the answer is because we fulfil a real need. This winning combination of learning helps participants to increase the capacity and potential of their organisations by removing communication barriers, thus assisting them to realise their developmental goals. We help them to gain clarity in a European context using learner-centred methodology, avoiding ambiguity and misconceptions based on cultural and language differences. By scaffolding a quality learning process which strengthens the confidence and resolve of the participants to work on a European level in their chosen topic, they create new and improved projects; a tangible, measurable outcome for all stakeholders.

Who produces and delivers the LICK programmes?
We take the strain out of the application process. Our innovative projects are produced in cooperation with partners on their chosen topic and delivered by a unique and dynamic international team who are all members of National Agency Trainers’ Pools and SALTO TOY trainers. They are also highly qualified to teach English as a Foreign Language with qualifications of a Master’s degree in English Linguistics and CELTA. This combination of skills and experience provides an unrivalled wealth of learning and support on a topic that is relevant to your organisation and in way that is both memorable and beneficial to you in your work on a European level.

When can you host a LICK project?
Be ahead of the game for KA1 Round 3 Deadline Ist October 2015 and have the support of our team of experts NOW:

  • with advice about Erasmus+/Youth in Action and selecting the right kind of project for your organisation
  • with the project design and programme
  • to locate trusted partners
  • with the application to your National Agency
  • with advice about choosing a suitable venue
  • with the administration process
  • with budgetary advice
  • by providing you with a team of SALTO TOY trainers to deliver the activity week
  • with the recognition of learning through Youth Pass
  • with exemplary linguistic support in English

LICK Europe-wide
We deliver all European countries and offer you the opportunity to host a LICK project through your own organisation with the full support of our team.

To find out more about how we can help you and your organisation:
Contact: and in the meantime visit: or visit us at

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